Opportunity to study the upper part of section based on full-wave numerical simulation

N.Ya. Shabalin Gradient Kazan, Russian Federation  
Eugeny V. Biryal'tsev Gradient Kazan, Russian Federation igenbir@yandex.ru
Vasiliy A. Ryzhov Gradient Kazan, Russian Federation vrizhov@mail.ru
S.A. Mokshin Gradient Kazan, Russian Federation  
S.A. Feofilov Gradient Kazan, Russian Federation  
I.R. Sharapov Gradient Kazan, Russian Federation  
D.A. Ryzhov Gradient Kazan, Russian Federation  
There is considers an approach to the microseismic monitoring from the surface of hydraulic fracture propagation. There isanalyzed the required equipment, methods of observation and data processing. Results of pilot application of this approach tomonitoring multistage fracturing in horizontal wellbore are presented. The estimations of accuracy of localization the fracture by this method in plan and in section are calculated.
Thus, our studies have shown the fundamental possibility of monitoring the process of multi-stage fracturing in horizontal wellbore exclusively from the surface using seismological equipment, the optimal scheme of observation and the maximum likelihood method as a method of localization microseisms.The horizontal localization accuracy is acceptable for practical use, the accuracyof localization insufficient for vertical findings of crack development in the vertical direction.The results obtained in the monitoring of process of hydraulic fracturing allowedus to trace the entire process of fractured zones for each stage.
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hydraulic fracturing microseismic monitoring surveillance from the surface