High definition seismic (HDS) - uncompromised approach to acquisition and processing of seismic data

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Based on analysis of restrictions of surface seismic prospecting and application of approaches invented for VSP processing the improvements in acquisition and processing of seismic dataare proposed. It is supposed that informative content of seismic result may be approximately doubled due to widening of band-width from3-3.5 octaves to 7 octaves. The technology is called «High Definition Seismic» (HDS).The technology is illustrated by applicationto model and real data obtained in complex surrounding.
Materials and methods
High definition seismic.
Assumptions of seismic High Definition implemented several examples in difficult conditions of the IMF in Western and Eastern Siberia with positive results.
Results of application of HDS show that proposed technology provides sufficientlymore efficient results of seismic prospecting in presence of permafrost layers.
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