The integrated technology to combine the tools of the collectors properties forecasting with paleotectonical analysis data to define more exactly the geological history of juristic terrigenous depositss in West Siberia by using DV-SeisGeo software package

Zinaida N. Zhemzhurova Central Geophysical Expedition JSC Moscow, Russian Federation
Vera A. Chekunova Central Geophysical Expedition JSC Moscow, Russian Federation
The main task of this work is a creation of new integrated technology to combine the modern tools of DV-SeisGeo package for more accurate value of filtration and capacity reservoir properties of oil fields. We used the Cohonen modification of neuron nets and paleotectonicanalysis data to create the 3D geological model. The juristic terrigenous deposits in West Siberia was the main object of our research. Obtained data allowed us to calculate the reserves map. Its reliability was estimated by using the main features of the geological history of this region. The lithophases map was calculated as thebase to define the most perspective zone to project new exploration and productive wells. Besides, we have analyzed the connectionbetween the productive zone configuration and the hydro carbon migration process.
Materials and methods
Program complex DV-SeisGeo.
Thus, integrated use of modern software tools to process and analyze complex seismic and well data in packets , similar to DV-SeisGeo, under a single user project can significantly extend the capabilities of the interpreter in the refinementof information about the features of the geological structure of hydrocarbon deposits of natural, necessary and in the operation and in step exploration fields. In particular, in this paper, driven by results and the boundaries were themost promising in terms of oil saturation areas previously not covered virtually drilling.
In conclusion, it should be emphasized that these software systems should be widely implemented in the oil industry, along with the packages that provide production mode solving digital geomodelling despite the fact that it - mnogozatratny process requiring a broad front of organizations working to educate users in the field, the development of software and its modernization etc.
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geological modeling reservoir prediction collectors neural networks crossplots palaeotectonic analysis hydrocarbon migra