The study of geological sections in the offshore wells using GIS, PM, VSP, reflection CDP (for example, the well number 3 Medynskoe-sea - 1)

Yuriy D. Mirzoyan Neftegeofizpribor Krasnodar, Russian Federation  
Viktor Y. Oyfa Neftegeofizpribor Krasnodar, Russian Federation  
The paper describes a system of observations, methods and techniques of VSP fieldwork polarization, the results of processing of materials, the possibility of studying the geological section in the vicinity of the well using isolated longitudinal and transverse waves exchange and the resulting characteristics of the medium - gamma ?,. Poisson ?, as well as a seismic anomaly entapy and entropy associated with the oil and gas saturation in the sediments Ovinparn horizon of the Devonian and deeper.
Materials and methods
VSP seismic records, longitudinal wave
The resulting time sections of PP and PS waves have confirmed the feasibility of performing broadside PM VSP observations to study the borehole environment.
An important result is the discovery of geological presence in the disturbed areas of oil-saturated objects, which allows us to recommend the continuation of work in the offshore wells with extraction of data that a marine seismic survey can not be obtained.
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временные разрезы РР и PS волн polarization speed three-component recording time sections of PP and PS waves the elastic characteristics