To the question about the role of gravimetric studies, exploration for oil and gas (on the example of number of regions)

Yuri N. Kal'nov Gravirazvedka Moscow, Russian Federation  
Oleg S. Obryadchikov Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas Moscow, Russian Federation
The results of gravimetric studies, as a rule, are the basis for the choice of search directions of seismic surveys. However, it must be noted that when the interpretation of seismic shooting, they are very often ignored. Gravimetric studies conducted by Gravirazvedka CJSC on the territory of Yamal-Nenets autonomous district has proved effectivness in thestudy of the geological structure of the region.
Materials and methods
Gravimetric survey, geological interpretation and filming materials gravimetric survey.
Local gravity anomalies identified by the results of high-precision observations for specific geological conditions accurately match prospective gas facilities.
Gravimetric survey may be critical in the performance of exploration for gas.
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geology geophysics gravimetry