Method of Cenomanian gas deposits mapping on the example of Krusenstern field

Alexey A. Nezhdanov Gazprom Geologorazvedka Tyumen, Russian Federation
Valery V. Ogibenin Gazprom Geologorazvedka Tyumen, Russian Federation
Sergey A. Gorbunov Gazprom Geologorazvedka Tyumen, Russian Federation
Today on Cenomanian gas field of West Siberia northen regions and circumfluent water area are presented main Russiandry gas stocks and it provides commercial production. For this reason mapping Cenomanian deposits in detail as at natural state as in different production stages stillis an important issue.
Materials and methods
During the work were used data of commondepth point method (CDP), 2D and 3Dseismic survey.
Obtained method of analysis of time slot is used to forecast of effectiveness of gas thickness and structure of net sand coefficient in Cenomanian gas deposits of Krusenstern field. Expected mistake of seismic forecast of net sand coefficient is not more than marginof error of reservoir quality discrimination byGIS system.
That method could be use for geological exploration, estimation of hydrocarbon reserves, design of production and gas stocks operation monitoring. It is also a solution for problem of forecast precision which based on seismic survey data in standard processing mode.
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