Entropy seismology and its application in the development of shale gas

Samvel Ts. Akopian The Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Science (IPE RAS) Moscow, Russian Federation sakopian@yandex.ru
The paper describes the application of the entropy seismology method for monitoring microearthquakes natural and technogenic origin in the development of shale gas. This method allows to detecting and monitoring the formation of gaps in the hierarchy of the seismically active volume of the geological environment, are responsible for a major earthquake, and for moderate and weak seismicity. The method can be used to solve technological problems of the control the dynamics of hydraulic fracturing on the deposits of hydrocarbons. The problemsof environmental control and improve the efficiency of shale gas developments are can be solved based on the method. Theeffect on the dynamics of strong earthquakesinduced seismicity in areas of hydrocarbon development in the Central United State.
Materials and methods
Monitoring and forecast of natural and induced seismicity by the methods of seismic entropy.
Effect of induced seismicity with magnitudes M = 4.5-5.3 to prepare devastating earthquakes is negligible. However, the appearance of the induced seismicity in the local areas of shale gas development can cause great financial and economic damage. Induced seismicity can be monitored and technologically prevent in the small SS, on the basis of registration microseismicity (M < 3.0).
Anthropogenic effects resulting by human intervention in the life of the earth's interior in the development of oil and gas is negligible compared with the mass of rocks that move on the borders of faults. However, its accumulate and can disrupt the delicate existing "power balance" on the line of collision layers, and trigger therelease of accumulated stress in the form of earthquakes. These additional effects can be controlled by the methods of entropyseismology, reducing environmental risk and improving the efficiency of development.
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induced seismicity entropy instability analysis micro-earthquakes