Recognition technique of fractured media in p-p reflection fields for reservoir forecast on hydrocarbons accumulation

Irina I. Semerikova Mining Institute of the Urals Branch of Russian Federation Academy of Sciences. Laboratory of Seismic Acoustics, Perm National Research University Perm, Russian Federation
Specialized interpretation of seismic data is performed by the original technique for recognizing fractured zones on the basis of distinguished by us prospecting indicators in dynamic attributes of P-P waves developedin the Mining Institute of the Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.
Materials and methods
Prospecting indicators for fractured geo-objects of different types are established a posteriori by examining the links between fractures’ parameters and dynamic attributes. These identification features are recognized on the results of physical modeling of CDP system at large samples of natural rock, as well as with theoretical seismic modeling of wave fields of P-P reflections and the data of field seismic works at fractured objects withthe known the parameters of fractures. On the basis of the dynamic analysis we determine the probability of the presence of fractured objects of a particular type.
We have performed a “direct” forecast of fractured reservoirs in different types of rocks. These reservoirs have a mosaic, local natureof lateral propagation, large variations of hydrocarbons’ rates from wells at different sites. Technique application allows correcting design parameters of lateral wells and other elements of deposit development.
The specialized interpretation of seismic exploration data according the proposed technique for recognition fractured zones makes possible:
• to characterize and map “directly” the fractured zones - with improved reservoir porosity and permeability;
• to obtain additional information about the characteristics of disjunctive dislocations of various ranks and classes;
• to adjust parameters of horizontal wells’ design and other elements of deposit development.
Information about characteristics of fluid conductive channels is extremely significant for oil companies as the basis for filtration modelof reservoir.
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