The study of the hydrogen concentration structure in the sedimentary cover of the south-western part of the Volga-Ural oil and gas province

Igor V. Shevchenko LLC MC Corsarneft Moscow, Russian Federation
Sergey A. Silkin Saratov brunch LLC MC Corsarneft Saratov, Russian Federation
The territory of the Volga-Urals is still considered as one of the most promising oil and gas regions of Russia. Despite significant scope of seismic surveys and deep drilling made in the last 40-50 years, the evaluation of oil and gas potential is far from complete. Current concepts of the formation of hydrocarbon deposits, migration and accumulation of hydrocarbons in the Volga-Uraloil and gas province, do not always fully explain the facts of oil and gas generation of hydrocarbon deposits in the conditions of small thicknessof sediments, relatively low temperatures in the prospective areas. The broader discussion is going on regarding the fluid flow and deep degassing of the Earth, and the relationship of these processes with the conditions and prospects of the oil and gas potential.
Materials and methods
The article is an analysis of new data obtained during construction of exploration wells. In addition to traditional methods and criteria used in mud logging, the authors draw attention to the desirability of studying the distribution of hydrogen in the sedimentary cover. New kinds of analyzers that use as a carrier gas air, unlike old systems, which was used as a carrier of hydrogen, allow recording while drilling hydrogen content in the drilled borehole.
Studied data on the distribution of hydrogen in the context of a number of successful exploration wells. Revealed certain patterns of distribution of hydrogen in the studiedsedimentary cover, taking into account the depth, lithological and stratigraphic confinement of anomalies and the concentration distribution of hydrogen in the section, including indicating a high probability of deep origin of hydrogen.
The acquired data led to the preliminary findings on the possible role of deep hydrogen and global fluids flow in general in the processes associated with the generation of oil and gas deposits in the study area.
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hydrogen Volga-Urals oil and gas potential deep fluid flows global degassing of the Earth