Problems of borehole and surface microseismic hydrofrac monitoring

Sergey I. Alexandrov Vicoseis LLC Moscow, Russian Federation
Victor A. Mishin Vicoseis LLC Moscow, Russian Federation
Dmitry I. Burov Gazprom Georesource LLC Moscow, Russian Federation
The microseismic monitoring is an innovative geophysical technology which normally employed to determine the geometrics of a fractured zone created by hydrofrac operations. In this note emphasis is made on both technological risks and success factors of the borehole and surface microseismic monitoring techniques based on the experience in the oil-gas condensate fields in Western Siberia as well as the optimal solution is proposed subject to problems to be solved using monitoring. The paper is based on the reportmade by the authors in XV «Gal’perin readings 2015» conference.
Materials and methods
Hydrofrac passive seismic monitoring with borehole and surface seismic observation, microseismic monitoring, adaptive source tomography.
The experience of the application of both borehole and surface microseismic monitoring performed for quality control operations forfracturing oil and gas fields in Western Siberia is outlined.
Microseismic technology allows estimating the quality of performed hydrofrac operation that helps to optimize the oilfield development.
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reservoir hydrofracturing hydrofrac geometry diagnostic visualization hydrofracturing technological risks microseismic monitoring