Features of a structure and oil-and-gas content of the Jurassic and pre- Jurassic deposits of northwest part of Western Siberia

Anna V. Samoilova Institute of problems of oil and gas (IPNG) of the Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow, Russian Federation anna-samoilova@mail.ru
The geological structure of lower-Middle Jurrassic and pre-Jurassic deposits of northwest part of Western Siberia, FES of the Jurassic and pre-Jurassic breeds is specified, and also the preliminary estimate of prospects of oil-and-gas content was made.
Materials and methods
Geologic-geophysical materials.
Features of change of filtrational and capacitor properties and type of hollowness in low-permeability breeds of the North of Western Siberia are established. The forecast of oil-and-gas content is given.
On the basis of analysis the factual materialson northern area of Western Siberian and Yamal offshore (Bovanenkovskoe, Novoportovskoe, Kharasaveiskoe, Kruzenshternovskoe, Yuzhno- Kruzenshternovskoe, upheavals Pajutovskoe, Sharapovskoe, Zapadno-Sharapovskoe, structure anomaly Litke-Universitetskaya, Tatarinovskaya, Vikulovskaya, Dalnaya, Nansena) were made next conclusions:
1. In the low-permeability breeds lying at big depths, hollowness remains up to the considerable depths (more than 10 km). In process of increase in depths of breeds their porosity (the general and open) and permeability gradually go down, and density and a role of the hydrothermal processes influencing hollowness formation increases.
2. In the north of Western Siberia the best permeability and porosity collectors lower and average Yura (the Oxford and Bath circles) possess.
3. The greatest interest in the oil-and-gas relation in the western part of the water area of the Kara Sea is represented by North Harasaveysky structure (offshore part of the Nurminsky megalithic bank) and Obruchevsky's regions (West Sharapovsky and Sharapovsky structures) and Rusanovsky of megalithic bank.
4. Upper-Middle Jurassic deposits which lie at depths of 3-4 km are most perspective (in the oil-and-gas relation) in the studied section on the Yamal Peninsula and Priyamalsky shelf of the Kara Sea and are available to drilling. Development of stocks of UV at such depths will be economically effective.
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