Using geoelectrical prospecting for engineering-geocryological studies on objects of oil and gas infrastructure

Dmitry V. Kopylov chief specialist in geophysics Tyumen petroleum research center LLC
Marat R. Sadurtdinov ph.d., director Earth Cryosphere Institute Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS
The results obtained by methods of electrical exploration and GPR in the area of hazardous engineering and permafrost processes in the territory of oil and gas facilities located in the cryolithozone are presented. On the geoelectric and GPR sections, the presence of ground ice lenses was determined from the contrast difference of electrical resistivity and amplitudes of electromagnetic waves, respectively. In the immediate vicinity of engineering structures, a significant decrease in electrical resistance is observed, presumably associated with the degradation of permafrost soils as a result of the technogenic impact of engineering structures on changes in snow accumulation and changes in surface and groundwater runoff. The high efficiency of geophysical methods in solving engineering and geocryological problems at the stages of design, construction and operation of engineering structures is shown.
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