Device of electrochemical anticorrosive protection for downhole pumping unit

Lubov E. Lenchenkova Ufa State Petroleum Technological University Ufa, Russian Federation
Arkadiy R. Epsteyn Project-consulting group “BK” Ltd Ufa, Russian Federation
Askar R. Mavzyutov Project-consulting group “BK” Ltd Ufa, Russian Federation
Artur I. Akhetov Project-consulting group “BK” Ltd Ufa, Russian Federation
At present time the corrosion is a cause of serious hazard to the downhole equipment. It should be noted that the traditional protection technology of borehole equipment, such as injection of the inhibitor through annulus or dosing capillary tubes in this case ineffective.In this regard the current task is development of devices that allow preventing corrosion.
Materials and methods
For solution of such problems was used a routine analysis that is common method the oil and gas fields production.
Device for anticorrosive protection of downhole pumping unit was developed on base of electrochemical protection method. The device is an alternative to chemical methods and provides corrosion protection atthe time of wells production.
The efficiency of the anticorrosive protection device for downhole pumping unit is proved during laboratory, bench and pilot tests.
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well corrosion electrochemical protection downhole pumping unit