Packer for using in open-hole oil and gas wells for various geological and technical measures

Ilya S. Kopeikin Ufa State Oil Technical University Ufa, Russian Federation
Alexander V. Lyagov Ufa State Oil Technical University Ufa, Russian Federation
Arkady N. Zamaraev SPF Paker LLC Oktyabrsky, Russian Federation  
In recent years, for the exploration and production drilling of wells and synthesized a variety of competitive packer and anchor system, made at a high technical level. However, it should be noted that not alltechnological problems packers work in an open wellbore and the associated complications and emergencies are fully resolved.This article describes the packer for the open hole. Packer design was developed based on the experience of existing domestic packer equipment for the open wellbore to take into account existing deficiencies in the analogues, as well as eliminate significant shortcomings in structures to ensure more reliable and durable operation of the equipment.
Materials and methods
Using SolidWorks Simulation softwarepackage was developed and counted 3D model of the split ring. During the design phase were carried out basic strength and technological calculations packer. For a preliminary assessment of the work of thepacker, as well as to verify compliance with the design requirements imposed on packer were conducted bench tests.
1) We analyzed the emerging challenges of the work packer equipment in open hole and studied existing analogues of this equipment.
2) In the present package resolved a number of significant problems encounteredwhen using packers for open borehole. In particular, problems such as the destruction of the rubber element of the packer,packer stuck at failure, leaking test intervalseparation from the rest of the field well, unsafe operation of existing equipment.
After the test bench the following conclusions:
• Designed packer meets the basic indicators of quality of industrial products: use, reliability and manufacturability.
• Basic packer components operate as an integrated technical system, which performs tasks, such are operational efficiency.
• To assess the reliability of the product performance (reliability, durability, maintainability and keeping) planned to conduct a pilot field test in open hole.
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