The problems of increasing energy and resource efficiency in construction and reconstruction of trunk pipelines

Vasiliy A. Rybin Transport of hydrocarbon resources, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University Tyumen, Russian Federation
Vadim A. Ivanov Transport of hydrocarbon resources, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University Tyumen, Russian Federation
Analysis of hydrocarbon production revealed that currently there intensive growth in consumption of oil, gas, and various petroleum products. In this regard, we are faced with the urgent necessity of modernization and upgrading objects of fuel and energy complex.
Materials and methods
Analysis of work performance in the construction of trunk pipelines.
One of the priorities of improving energy and resource efficiency in the production of welding and assembly work is the introduction of new flux-cored wires.
1. Studies have demonstrated that using thr flux cored wires reduces time to produce one pipe joint by 14-18%, moreover defects of weld seams remains within the requirements made of a modern regulatory documentation to the quality of the weld seams. 2. Evident from these data that using new grades flux cored wires will not only reduce energy and resource consumption, but also improve the quality of welding and assembly work. 3. However, there are several problems associated with using flux cored wires, do not allow to increase the rationality of using flux cored wires for arc welding of pipeline transportation. These problems include: • low level of study of the processes occurring in combustion cored wires; • labsence of methods of rational choice the welding conditions of trunk pipelines joints. 4. Lack of methodology for calculating arc welding joints of trunk pipelines using flux cored wires, leads to the necessity of carrying out expensive series of laboratory experiments designed to determine the optimal welding conditions. Therefore, the development of such a calculation method will significantly reduce the cost of resources and time for the procedure implement new, advanced models of flux cored wires.
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