Initiation of petroleum formation in situ combustion of oil

In the process of oil extraction by in-situ oil combustion initiation was proposed to carry out with the use of oxidation-catalyst mixture Mn2O7+Н2 SO4. Materials: KMnO4 + H2SO4 ? Mn2O7. Laboratory research: mixtures Mn2O7 + H2SO4 injection in the model of the reservoir filledwith sand, saturated with heavy oil. Instant ignition of oil in the reservoir model. Injection in the formation of ethanol reduces the amount of an oxidizing mixture in more than two times. Laboratory researches on the initiation of oil formation in situ combustion of oil have been carried out. Experimentally the possibility of using oxidation-catalyst mixture during the organization of the initiation process in-situ burning of oil has been demonstrated. It is shown that the injection of ethanol into the formation during the organization to initiate the combustion of oil reduces the amount of oxidation-catalyst mixture in half.
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heavy oil in-reservoir burning oxidation catalyst-mixture ethanol