Technologikal guarantee of ditales reliability for oil-and-gas gas extraction and mining industry

The experience of Russian enterprise in the study of the influenceofthemethodsofstrainhardening working surfaces on an increase in the reliability of the oil and gas extracting equipment is shown. The promising technologies of the production of barrels and plungers of subsurface sucker rod pumps are examined Methods of mathematical modelling, mathematical statistics are used As a result of application of new technology it is reached. 1. Expansion of technological opportunities of ionic processes and achievement of a qualitative structurally-power condition of the strengthened surfaces. 2. The maximal increase in mobility and getting ability of plasma that has provided nitriding of complex contour details with various apertures and narrow grooves. 3. Exception of formation of microarches, local concentration of energy and, accordingly, an overheat sharp edges and corners of details. 5. Increase of density of stacking of details at loading with the minimal fitsthathasincreasedproductivity of processing. 6. Maintenance of high reproducibility and narrow admissions as a result of processing polytypic products. 7. Reduction of time of stages of cathodic clearing and heating up to 2 … 4 hours. 8. Productivity of process of manufacturing of details rod pumps without updating technological process is raised. Laws of formation of the nitrated layer depending on factors of technological process of machining, superficialplasticdeformationand finishingprocessingareconsidered.
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hardening thread the threaded connection subsurface sucker rod pump nitriding