Short-Term Well Operation [STWO] is unique approach to reduction of effectsofcomplicatingfactors [in petroleum production]

The methods called on to reduce effectsofcomplicating factors and currently applied in the oilfieldaremarkedwithloweconomicefficiency.Theeconomicoutcomeresultingfrom increase of time between overhauls is neutralized by additional costs of using a specificmethodofreductionofoneor another complicating factor. STWO is more efficient,fromeconomicpointofview, approach to mechanized petroleum production on low- and medium-output wells. The reduction of production costs is its main competitive advantage. It is achieved by simultaneous positive effectonallmajorcomponents of petroleum production cost: increase in production volumes, increase in time between overhauls, and decrease in energy consumption. From technological point of view, STWO possesses several unique qualities. The major of those qualities are its capability to reduce the effectsofalmostevery production complicating factor and the capability to maintain its effectivenessin cases of a combination of several complicating factors present on a single well The advantages of STWO have been proven in the course of fieldteststhatstartedin2005and were conducted on oil wells of TNK-BP, Rosneft, Tatneft, and Russneft. The tests were run according to programs developed mutually with oil and service companies and as research projects. The results of fieldtestshave been presented in 13 reports at scientificand industrial conferences and seminars, provided in 11 articles published in oil-and-gas scientificmagazines.STWOisintellectually protected by three Russian, one Eurasian, and one American patents. The fieldtestresultshaveproven technological and economic efficiencyofSTWO. It improves all the major components of petroleum production cost. Best results are 12-fold increase in production volumes, 18.5-fold increase in time between overhauls, 2- to 3-fold decrease in energy consumption. STWO is effectiveapproachtoreductionofcomplicating factors, even when present in combination on a single well. STWO is the most efficientapproachto mechanized petroleum production on low- and medium-output wells.
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