Рћptimization of use of existing (designed) equipment of facilities for oil and gas preparation

In the given article is presented an algorithm for development of arrangements for expenses reduction and optimization on the basis of standard flowdiagramsofoil and gas preparation. variants of optimization on the basis of one of the oil preparation units are considered. In the program HYSYS are given calculations of the unit material balance, considering feed composition, actual and specifiedloads,processoperational parameters of the units for oil and gas preparation. Suggestions and engineering solutions, aimed at reduction of expenses at the facilities for oil and gas preparation are proved by economic efficiencycalculationsandthebest rational option is determined by the results. An algorithm for development arrangements aimed at expenses reduction and operation of equipment optimization in the case of the operating oil preparation unit. Options for optimization are considered. The most optimal is determined. By means of integrated analysis of production expenses, correct estimation of reserves for expenses reduction, operational parameters of the oil and gas preparation process, geographical location of an enterprise, potential production history of take the company would be able to reach its target and would not lose rivals.
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