Increase in the reliability of machines and equipment for oil-and-gas gas extraction and mining industries by constructive and circuit solutions in the interrelation with the technical operating conditions

The experience of Russianenterprise in the solutionof the urgent problem of increasing the reliability of machines and equipmentby design and circuit methods is shown.In it are examined questions of the construction of oil-field equipment forthe use in they are complicated operating conditions in the petroleum and mining industries.
Materials and methods
Methods of mathematicalmodelling, mathematicalstatistics are used.
As a result the applicationsof new constructionsof rod pump are solvedthe task of oil production under difficult conditionsof operation.
Constructions are developedand the circuit solutionsof equipment correspond to the complicatedoperating conditions. Insert pumpswith the short barell and gazseparator device successfullyunderwent experimental- trade testsin the most importantoil-producingenterprises of Russia.
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