New paradigm for human interaction with computer in analyzing multi-object and multi-parameter systemsand in managerial decision-making

The article describes newingenious MDV (Multi-Dimensional Viewing) software system created by PEC LLC on the basis of fully CGE-developed ideology.MDV operational principles and functions areextension of earlier CGE-created specializedDV-Discovery, DV-Geo, DV-SeisGeo and othersoftware systems; MDV, however, extends far beyond the fuel-and-energy sector needs.The new paradigm behind MDV is a tool to help the user create information space for
manager and specialist at a sweep. Thisspace is outfitted with ingenious functionalityand powerful interactive visualization meansallowing the user to work unassisted and gainnew knowledge about processes that may directly influence strategic decision-making. Illustrative examples are provided.
Materials and methods
Software products designed to process,interpret and analyze geoscience data.Programming, modeling, simulation, datastructuring, database creation, businessintelligence.
The article considers principal resultof creating new concept to analyzeand use multi-parameter data in strategic
decision-making aimed at developing anindustry sector, a corporation and/or anenterprise. MDV evolves from the softwaresystems that were originally designed toprocess and interpret geoscience data, whichhas been one of the major lines of CGEactivity for over 20 years.
It is not only mathematicians, programmers or IT specialists whom MDV technology permitsbeing conclusively involved in analyzingmulti-parameter structures but also a broadvariety of specialists and different-leveldecision-makers in charge of working outdevelopment strategy for an industry sector,an enterprise or an enterprise unit.
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