Technology of preliminary dumping, reservoir water purification and a gas-liquid mix transfer on the Tumutuksky field

Farida F. Hamidullina Kazan National Research Technological University Kazan, Russian Federation
Renat F. Hamidullin Kazan National Research Technological University Kazan, Russian Federation
Ravil F. Valiev Sheshmaoil LTD Almetyevsk, Russian Federation  
On existing technology reservoir water extracted together with oil and passing gas on the Tumutuksky field goes to Chekansky CPF. After cleaning reservoir water is used in maintaining reservoir pressure system for oil production on Chekansky oil production knot. In this regard own reservoir water couldn't be used for oil production on the Tumutuksky field. For the purpose of this problem solution essentially new technology for preliminary dumping, reservoir water purification and gas-liquid mixture delivery to Chekansky CPF, where separation, dehydration and an oil desalting to commodity conditions take part is developed. According the developed technology extracted reservoir water after its purification is used for oil production directly on Tumutuksky field. Technical and technological calculations of a sludge tank constructive and hydrodynamic parameters. As a source of information calculations copyright certificate No. 1736543, Bulletin No. 20, 1992 is used. The constructive elements of a sludge tank internal devices were rated with calculation method. Trajectories of a processed emulsion movement in oil dehydration section of are defined. The developed new technology will allow to solve the following technological and economic problems: • implementation of process of preliminary dumping and reservoir water purification; • use of sewage directly on the most Tumutuksky field in FPD system for oil production; • implementation of oil pumping with the residual content of reservoir water together with gas (a gas-liquid mix) from the Tumutuksky field on Chekansky CPF. On the basis of the developed technology project documentation for PWRU according to which on the Tumutuksky field installation and construction works are conducted is executed.
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oil gas-liquid mix technology dumping reservoir water purification