Development program for the calculation of hydratein oil and gas pipelines with using Bordland Delphi 7.0 software

Arambiy A. Paranuk Gazprom Transgaz Krasnodar Krasnodar, Russian Federation
Designed program allows make a payment, points of condensation, that is the beginning and the end of condensation determines the actualtemperature at these points determines the average pressure of the gas in the pipeline, the moisture content of the gas, changes in moisture content, the amount of methanol injected into the pipeline, the specific consumption of methanol, all of these data written to a text file for later analysis.
Materials and methods
Used programming language Delphi 7.0.
This program allows you to simplify the calculation, make a detailed analysis of different modes of the pipeline.
It creates an array to determine the coefficients and reads from it the necessary given, based on the entered starting temperature and the estimatedactual temperature of the gas in the pipeline. This program simplifies the calculation to the extent that is required is to enter the necessary data for the calculation. The program displays graphs required for the calculation in a separate window.
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hydrate formation specific expenseof methanol moisture content actual temperature material type of data range of value