Setting of "NKLS-ENERGY" to prevent paraffinin wells operated by ESP and power in one cable SEM

Eduard Yu. Vdovin Centr IT Perm, Russian Federation
Lev I. Lokshin Centr IT Perm, Russian Federation
Aleksandr V. Kazakov Centr IT Perm, Russian Federation
Significant losses in theoil-producing companies associatedwith the loss of oil production wellsin circulation due to the formationof asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits(AFS) and the need for unscheduledrepairs. Number of ORS does not decrease,despite regular maintenance work.The consequence of this complicationis to reduce flow rate, overload SEM, oftenas a consequence — to overheat, reducingisolation and burnout ESP power cable.
Materials and methods
PGI installation programof NKLS-Energy in "Lukoil Perm".
For wells with ESP developed and tested an effective device to ensure the prevention of AFS and the power SEM united, difunctional cable. Developed the necessary construction of heating cables and cable protectors.
Developed devices significantly reduce the cost of equipment and operation of wells equipped with ESP. The equipment is made in the"Center of IT", Perm andproposed for use in wells equippedwith ESP with AFS and high viscosityparaffin emulsions.
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NKLS-ENERGY prevent paraffin in wells ESP