High viscosity oil production technology with long-term effects of sound

Pavel N. Gulyaev PITC Geofizika Perm, Russian Federation pgulyaev@pitc.ru
Elena V. Sosnina PITC Geofizika Perm, Russian Federation esosnina@pitc.pnsh.ru
Abstract The long-term impact of acoustic (LIA) on the borehole space allows with minimal cost and disruption to the underground formation to restore flow properties of the reservoir. Duration of the LIA during the overhaul period of the well. Performance, reliability and efficiency of the technology supported by the results of pilot projects in low debit wells Shumovskoe heavy oil deposits - fold increase oil flow rates, significantly increasing fluid conductivity and remote areas of formation, reduced water content, time-effect up to 1.5 years.
Materials and methods
The long-term impact of acoustic.
Ongoing for over 5 years pilot operations in the Perm region allowed to create and develop technology Long term acoustic action. Confirmed by the performance, reliability and efficiency of the technology. The works have been successful with the efficiency of not less than 350% for oil. Work continues on the wells Shumovskoe and Etyshskoe deposits.
Experience working on the long-acoustic effect in the Perm region showed promising application of this technology in the extraction of heavy oil.
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production of heavy oil long-term acoustic impact LIA