Environmental issues of utilization of associated gas on oil fields of the Western Kazakhstan

Rakiz M. Sattarov Research Institute Geotechnological Problems of Oil, Gas and Chemistry Baku, Azerbaijan Republic  
Bauyrzhan Z. Tukhfatov OblTransGas Atyrau, Kazakhstan  
As it is known gas outburst and popping of associated gas are one of the most powerful pollutants in the regions of oil and gas development and exploitation. This report describes some environmental issues and a possibility to utilize associated petroleum gas that can be applied in some oil fields of West Kazakhstan.
Materials and methods
Government regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 29, 2008, no. 219 industrial safety requirements when developing oil and gas deposits. Problems and prospects of use of associated petroleum gas in Russia. Materials of the annual review of problems within the IMEMO and WWF Russia "ecology and energy. The international context ", Moscow, 2009, 28 p. Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on January 9, 2012, # 532-IV «about gas and gas supply.
Strategically, the formation of conditions aimed at addressing the use of petroleum gas (PG) in the Republic of Kazakhstan shall be directed towards the early implementation of new investment projects in this area, and which should be aimed at equipping the crafts required instrumentation, construction and gas gathering compressor stations, construction of refineries.
Utilization of PG can become the advantageous type of activity commercially, and price liberalization on PG considerably will improve the decision of problems in this direction.
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