Modeling electro-thermal stimulation methods of the near-wellbore area during the development of high-viscosity oil deposit

Alexey S. Kashik CGE Moscow, Russia  
Leonid A. Knizhnerman CGE Moscow, Russia  
Andrey R. Klepatsky CGE Moscow, Russia  
Maria D. Khusid CGE Moscow, Russia  
The review of the CGE OJSC employees’ work on the modeling of heating the near well area using electric current and substantiation of the application of an electric field generation as a thermal method of heavy oil and natural bitumen production intensification is presented.
Materials and methods
Geological and geophysical fields’ data. The mathematical modeling methods were used.
Calculated results values in the form of maps ??of the electric potential and the temperature inside the cased well and around it, provided that there is the source of electric current in the well, were given. The process of developing heavy oil (on the example of Russian field) using the electro-heating method was simulated.
According numerical experiments results authors conclude that the use of electro-heating method allows one to increase the temperature of the productive layers of near-well area significantly, which will clear the near-well zone, allow to increase the rate of oil deposits excavation, to receive additional amounts of hydrocarbons and to extend the life of many deposits.
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