The result of the application of distributed fiber-optic technology in thermometry of development wells with ESP

Yuliya V. Lapshina PSU Perm, Russian Federation
Valeriy F. Rybka PITC Geofizika Perm, Russian Federation
Article briefly describes the methodology of processing and measurements of data thermometry obtained using optical fiber. The paper gives the practical examples derived from the pilot projects.
Materials and methods
thermometry, DTS
Building continuous monitoring system based on fiber-optic technology is possible using existing software and hardware. Fiber optic systems, in conjunction with standard systems manometers and analysis of the composition, provide complete information on the work of recovery. The resulting information allows to perform: • selection of optimal operation of well equipment; • retention and prevention of ESP performance in "extreme" conditions; • identification of changes in the reservoir in real time; • identification of problems in the well (leaks, casing flows); • monitoring of the well during the entire overhaul period.
Fiber optic geophysical technologies are perspective on gas fields, due to the large difference of the thermodynamic properties of liquid and gas, there is no need movement of the cable during measurement and long operating time without having to kill the well. Further development of DTS and building systems based on their intellectual well lies in ensuring more sustainable production rate determination of reservoir production rate and the composition of the incoming product. Development and implementation of these systems will more reliably and quickly take administering decision, and with the advent of systems control the operation of of well equipment automates the entire process of the well.
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DTS fiber optic geophysical cable thermometry ESP development control Distributed Temperature Sensors