Methods to rise oil production considering Earth’s tide movements

Kamil' M. Mirzoyev Tajikistan Academy of Sciences Moscow, Russian Federation
Aleksey V. Nikolaev IPE RAS Moscow, Russian Federation  
Al'bert A. Lukk IPE RAS Moscow, Russian Federation  
Aleksey V. Deshcherevskif IPE RAS Moscow, Russian Federation  
Vitaliy K. Mirzoyev Kroyl-Invest Moscow, Russian Federation  
Viktor S. Manukov CGE Moscow, Russian Federation  
Nowadays, many high-yielding oil field has entered the stage of declining production due to the large volumes of water injection and high water content of the produced fluid. In the field formations is still about 50-80% hard recoverable oil reserves. Therefore, the development of new technologies to enhance oil recovery and production of oil is extremely urgent task. One of the most promising areas of increasing oil production is the use of lunar-solar tides of the Earth with a frequency of 1-, 7-, 14- and 28- days, which cause expansion and contraction phases of the Earth's crust cracks, as well as the use of the earth's crust vibrations that create impulse expansion and contraction cracks and accelerate the advancement of the fluid in the direction of the pressure drop to the producing wells.
Materials and methods
To develop new technologies and patents held industrial production growth experiment on the territory of "Tatneft" in Tatarstan [8, 10], which confirmed the possibility of increasing oil production and reduce water cut of the produced fluid through periodic vibrations and water injection wells subject to tidal movements land, as well as effective ways of processing (cleaning) wells.
As the long-term observations, the development of oil fields remains insufficiently effective, as applicable mining methods do not account for such an important factor as the tidal movement of the Earth, contributing to the periodic expansion and contraction cracks, which significantly affects the rate of movement of the fluid in the direction of the pressure drop. Developed two new methods (Patent) with adjustable volume water injection wells and vibrations of the crust of the Earth, taking into account the tidal movements: the first method ( RF Patent number 2,217,581, 2003) [3] - to improve, and the second method (Patent RF № 2387817 2010) [4] - to increase oil production and oil recovery. The method has also been developed (RF Patent number 2,350,743, 2009) [9] to restore the productivity of wells. Methods (Patents) provide significant economic benefit and require its implementation in practice.
Periodic vibration of oil reservoirs and water injection wells with the tidal motions of the Earth, taking into account increased oil recovery and oil production, improve efficiency of processing wells.
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