Basic principles for effective use of industrial nanotechnology during aquatic gas hydrates production

Aleksandr E. Vorob'ev Peoples' Friendship University of Russia Moscow, Russian Federation
The article describes the various process of gas hydrates generation and corresponding to it industrial methane production technologyof these. Presents a variety of types of nanoparticles which make effectually the development of gas hydrate deposits.
Materials and methods
Analytical methods.
The results of the experiments show that the most effective implementation ofthe gas hydrate deposits development is nanotechnology.
Different types of gas hydrate deposits (porphyritic, massive, pellets, dykes, veinlets, etc.), as well as their mixingwith the formation of sludge and silt particles will determine the possible quantitative parameters and the basic modes of industrial technologies in their development.
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gas hydrates the formation mechanism the principles of fracture nanotechnology nanoparticles