Experimental works by polymeric composition “MPS REIS-H” to behind casing leaks response at Ivinsky field

Igor P. Novikov "Tatnefteprom" JSC Almetyevsk, Russian Federation Novikov@tatnefteprom.ru
Alexander S. Primachenko "Business Group" Ltd Moscow, Russian Federation bgroup8@.ru
Marina V. Lapshina "Business Group" Ltd Moscow, Russian Federation MVL@bg-inc.ru
In article presented the analysis of the existing methods and technologies of remedial cementing and recommendations about carrying out of experimental works (EW) on water production restraining with new polymeric composition MPS REIS-H ondeposits of carboniferous system Bashkir circle.The technology of EW carrying out with MPS REIS-H on wells of the Ivinsky field is considered in detail.
Materials and methods
Water solution of polymeric composition of MPS REIS-H, chrome acetate, geophysical surveys for definition of a source of the water coming to a well.
Use of the MPS REIS-H allowed to increase oil outputs by 8 times and to reduce water content by 20-28%.Economic effect made 4048 thousand rubles per well.
Analysis of this work allows us to conclude that the insulation technology of water using the new polymeric composition MPS REIS-H has a high scientific and technical level as againstthe previously tested and recommended composition for use at Tatnefteprom fields.
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проблемы нефтедобычи высоковязких (>200сПа) нефтей carbonate reservoirs Bashkir-tier the problem of high viscosity oil production (>200sPa) новая полимерная композиция MPS REIS-H wat