Study the microstructure of the estuarine samples of high viscosity oil of Kalmayurovsky field

Alina Yu. Dmitrieva Bugulma branch of Kazan national research technological University Bugulma, Russian Federation
The object of the study is wellhead oil samples with abnormally high viscosity of Kalmayurovsky field Samara Region("Tatneft-Samara"). In the process carried out experimental work to determine the basic physical and chemical properties of high-viscosity oil, and photomicrography components of these samples. The paper presents the theoretical aspects of the experimental data and discussion in part explain the anomalous rheological and mechanical properties of these oils
Materials and methods
For studies was used inverted metallographic microscope brand«XJM700», according to the type of measuring instruments which is included in the hardware-software image analysis NEXSYS ImageExpert.
The studies found that the tested samples contain virtually no fractions to 200 0C; great content of asfaltenosmolistyh substances (DIA) causes high viscosity fluid and structured.
For the destruction of such structured oil that gives effect to reduce the viscosity can be used following modified and basic technologies:
1. Addition of a surfactant and oil soluble polymers.
2. The heat treatment.
3. The addition of inexpensive solvents, such as waste and by-products of oil refining and petrochemical industries.
4. The use of ultrasonic treatmentor a combination of chemical (the combination of technologies).The effectiveness of each of these technological approaches should show further commercial development and research work.
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high viscosity oil the physico-chemical properties microscopy rheology