Technology the repression impact at the late stage of development Romashkinskoye field

Regina I. Gabdrakhmanova Almetyevsk State Oil Institute Almetyevsk, Russian Federation
Rasym D. Bikmukhametov Field Office “Leninogorskneft”, "Tatneft" Leninogorsk, Russian Federation
The article describes the technology of the repression impact, namely gas-impulse treatment, pulsed-chemical effects, thermogenerator, gas-dynamic fracturing. The analysis of the effectiveness of the carried out works, in order to identify the most effective data for geological and physical conditions, impact technology.One of the main directions of increase of efficiency of activities, along with inefficient technologies, is improvement of criteria for the selection of candidate wells.
Materials and methods
In the work used materials of technologies efficiency, as well as the processing results of integrated geophysical studies.
The analysis of the technology efficiency shows that the most effective data in geological and physical conditions, proved the technology of gas-dynamic fracturing.
The article outlines the main geological andtechnological criteria affecting the success of the technology of gas-dynamic fracturing. Describes the positive and negative factors that can lead to improving the well selection criteria candidates, and thus to increase the effectiveness and success of the work.
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СТГГ-80 the repression impact analysis of the effectiveness criteria for the selectionof candidates wells namely gas-impulse treatment pulsed-chemic