Analysis of the performance and the choice of the main dimensions of technology platforms such as BUOY

Konstantin G. Berezhnoi Krylov state research centre, SPbSMTU St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
The article analyzes operational capability of oil- and gas-producing and drilling platforms and the platform BUOY-type, feature of hulls forms for different environmental conditions to the creation of technological platforms of this type. Additionally, the article presents the study’s results of using such floating structures in freezing seas, which includethe identification of the limiting component, for example an estimate of the parameters limiting values.
Materials and methods
The study results of use cylindrical platforms in freezing seas conditions.
The studies were carried out of regarding cylindrical types of marine platform and the values of limiting component.
The basis of the research we can state that technology platforms such as BUOY may be use for year-round operation on deepwaterfreezing seas. The main limiting component production of platform is system retention. Considering on this fact at the same timeto ensure safe operation the platform is recommended to have possibility to disconnect from anchor system when it has influence of critical ice formation which loads exceeds permissible value.
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year-round operation deepwater fields freezing seas the platform of the cylindrical shape of the hull