The prospects for increasing of oil reserves in territory of Tatarstan by opening the new deposits in kosvinsko-radaevsky strata

Vitaly V. Emelyanov Field office "Prikamneft" of "Tatneft" Elabuga, Russian Federation
The article discusses the possibility of growth of oil reserves in existing fields on the late stage of development. Increase of the reserves is possibledue to new oil deposits in Kosvinsky horizon of Lower Carboniferous in the south-eastern part of the North-Tatar arch. The article provides a preliminary assessment of the minimum reserves growth and economic efficiency calculation of changes and shifts of production facilities on 5 wells. The object of changes is production wells, which are fully developed oil deposits in the Middle Devonian Timan horizon. These wells should begin production ofanother new oil deposits in Kosvinsky horizon of the Lower Carboniferous.
Materials and methods
Analytical studies based on reinterpretation of GIS and geochemical studies of oil.
According to the executed calculations the approximate net discounted income from input of five wells will make about 24 million rubles a year.
All of this considering kosvinsko-radayevsky deposits as very perspectiveto search the new objects for increase in resource base of a vizeysky terrigenous complex on the development oil fieldof "Prikamneft" of JSC Tatneft. Taking account that these fields and perspective sites for search are drilled as rather dense grid of wells to terrigenous Devon and the big well stock, (the Devonian reserves of oil) which provided full development here will be an opportunity without essential expenses, to make transition to the overlying horizon.
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Kama-Kinel Troughs System (KKTS) oil migration strata non-anticline traps Kosvinsky horizon geochemic