Use of geological model and stocks calculation at design of options of layer hydraulic fracturing

Albert F. Safarov Tatar Oil Research and Design Institute (TatNIPIneft) of the Tatneft JSC Bugulma, Russian Federation
In article the analysis was carried out and given recommendations about conducting an acid fracture treatment in carbonate deposits of the carboniferous system Bashkir circle.The natural jointing that noted in carbonate deposits can be cause of complication during production.In this regard was used an analysis of nature of cracks distribution based on interpretation of combined materials which are aerospace geological, morphostructural and geophysical researches of wells, was designed the 3D geological model and were counted residual taken oil stocks of a siteof works.
Materials and methods
3D geological model, calculation of residual taken stocks on geological model, aerospace geological researches, morphostructural researches, interpretation of wells geophysical researches data, an economic assessment of offered actions.
It were suggested recommendations about an interval of conducting a HTF in horizontal part of a well.According results of conducted hydraulic fracturing author's approach to definition of the most suitable interval of HTF proved its efficiency.
During rationalization of options for conductingHTF in carbonate deposits it is necessary to take account the maximum geological field information - 3D seismic works, interpretation of combined materials (aerospace geological and morphostructural researches). Also it is necessary to create 3D geological model andto calculate on it the amount of pool's residual taken stocks and to take into account the work of nearby wells. It is extremely necessary to carry out an economic assessment of offered actions.
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layer hydraulic fracturing geological model natural jointing calculation of stocks