The study of oil displacement by various chemical agents from the rock of ВН layer

Sergei V. Maklakov TyumenNIIgiprogas” LLC Tyumen, Russian Federation
The study of oil displacement in the corewith various chemical agents, such as water, gas, caustic, water-alternated-gas injection, etc. The core sample for the study has been selected from the layer BH 4-5 of Eastern Siberia.
Materials and methods
OST 39-195-86 Oil. The method of estimating the water-oil displacement efficiency under laboratory conditions.
The results of the experiments showed that water-alternated-gas injection and gas stimulation are more efficient in oildisplacement than other displacement agents.
Gas injection is more efficient in oil displacement when the core samples of less than 167,1mD are used. If the permeabilityof the core is higher, gas breaks through the rock and stops displacing oil. The use of gasincreases the oil recovery factor to 5,1%-26,7% in comparison with the traditional method of waterflooding.The method of water-alternated-gas displacement on the core samples of more than 167,1mD increases oil recovery factor to7,3% -14,2% in comparison with the traditional method of waterflooding.
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