Devices for protection ESP from severe downhole conditions

Natalya A. Lykova JSC "Novomet-Perm" Perm, Russian Federation
ESP plugging and scaling are major factors which complicated oil recovery. Typically, scale deposits consist of insoluble solid particles and salts. This article offers a solution to prevent the negative impact of solids and scale.
Materials and methods
Mathematical models of particles separation from the liquid and disposing of the chemicals were used to develop new devices. The reliability of the obtained results is confirmed by the correspondence of the simulation results to experimental and operational data.
The article contains calculation methods, the calculated and experimental values of the submersible containers and separators characteristics. New devices to preventing ESP plugging and scaling were offered after obtaining analysis data of research obtained solutions.
The proposed devices are solid and liquid inhibitor containers, downhole containers with a screw and cascade devices withhydro cyclones. The geometrical parametersof these devices were obtained using the mathematical models of physical processes in these devices. These models were confirmed by means of comparison between calculated and test data, received from bench tests and during operation.
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