Preventing the sand failure of oil production wells

Vladislav N. Mamaev Udmurtneft Izhevsk, Russian Federation
Askar R. Mavzutov PCG BK LLC Ufa, Russian Federation  
Arkady R. Apshtein PCG BK LLC Ufa, Russian Federation  
Yan R. Safarov Novye tekhnologii, SPA Ufa, Russian Federation  
The most part of world’s hydrocarbons recourses located in production reservoirs that are prone to damage by sand failure during production. The production of their reservoirs is executing longer than expected and continuation of extraction can be cause of layouts softening. So oil companies are interesting in economically effectiveness methods and devices to preventing the sand failure of oil production wells.
Materials and methods
The solution of these problems is based on analysis of chosen object structure (production wells). Methods of mathematical statistics, underground and piped hydraulics are used in theoretical analysis. Theoretical data is proved by bunch trial in condition of specialized laboratory in the Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University. Obtained data is systematized by application the developed devices in maintenance of production wells.
In paper were find ways of improvement technology and technical devices to prevention damaging of pump system by contamination (as sand, crag, proppant). The improving qualities are increased the filtration surface per unit area, mechanicalreliability, compaction, packer-free device and maintenance ability.
In the present day industry experts pay more attention to the sand failure issue. Production of current reservoirs makes sense in present day taking account considerable reduction of oil price and decrease number of new major oil fields. Recovery of heavy oil is considered today as main source of addition to reserves.
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well ingress of sand filter contamination clogging filtering defree