Search of optimal conditions for placement of injection wells for gas injection and WAG

Kirill V. Kazakov LLC 'LUKOIL-Engineering', Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas Moscow, Russian Federation
Kirill A. Bravichev Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas Moscow, Russian Federation
Aleksandr N. Lesnoi LLC 'LUKOIL-Engineering' Moscow, Russian Federation
The paper contains evaluation of effectiveness of water flooding, gas injection, alternating injection and simultaneously water and gas injection depending on values of the basic filtration-capacitive propertiesof the reservoir, their distribution on the reservoir and geometry of the reservoir. The evaluation of effectiveness of these technologies is based on numerical composite simulation.
Materials and methods
Compositional simulation model for carrying out numerical experiments was created on the basis of summarizing the data of core study and study of oil samples of Achimov deposits of Western Siberia. Properties ofthe model and their distribution between the areas of injection and production varied and for these conditions the effectiveness of injection of water, gas and WAG was estimated.
Production and injection wells for WAG for maximization of Oil Recovery must be placement so that the movement of water and gas will processing in the directionof increasing of vertical connectivity, permeability, intial oil saturation and decreasing of thickness and from top to bottom. WAG and gas injection, ceteris paribus, will be more effective in reservoirs with lower vertical connectivity, with a higher average effective thickness andwith less distance between production and injection wells.
Criteria for selection of the most promising areas of the reservoir for water injection, gas injection and WAG in view of the main properties of the reservoir and their change along the front of displacement. Also the numerical evaluation of impact of the considered parameters of reservoir to oil recovery is given.
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WAG gas injection enhanced oil recovery numerical simulation placement of wells Achimov deposits