The study of signal changes dynamics from disturbing well to observation well

Dmitry A. Mett Oil and Gas Research Institute RAS Moscow, Russian Federation
Artur R. Aubakirov Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas Moscow, Russian Federation
Present economic conditions dictate terms of constant monitoring of borehole space in oil and gas production. For that problem exists well interference testing. But long well shutdown for interference testing is extremely difficult in the strict requirements for cost optimization. Interference methods without stoppingthe production wells are the way out of the current situation. This article is devoted to the research areas of the derivative of pressure over time for a single perturbation from neighboring well.
Materials and methods
Hydrodynamic modeling in Saphir software.
The authors proposed an approach to determining pressure conductivity factor using pressure time derivative. In article was presented an example of practical application of the approach for design of cyclic waterflooding method.
An approach of well interference testing noisy signal in active well was proposed. The article shows the allocation of different filtration regime on the pressure derivative plot with respect to time with Interference testing. For the purposes of operational control over the development process is proposed to determine the dependence of the pressure conductivity factor. In the future, necessary tests the proposed approach in different geological conditions both terrigenous and carbonate reservoirs.
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well interference testing pressure conductivity factor cyclic waterflooding