Heatrise calculation of well

Alexander V. Volovodov Borets Company Moscow volovodov_av@borets.ru
Temperature signifi antly infl es the operation of submersible downhole equipment and can lead to failure due to overheating, salt and paraffi deposits on the equipment. To prevent complications, it is necessary to correctly predict and choose safe thermic modes. The article considers the model of heat exchange between the equipment and well nodes, which allows calculating the temperature and predicting the thermic mode of the well. The model can be used for selection, analysis and monitoring, in the algorithms of a switchboard.
Materials and methods
Mathematical modeling of heat transfer in the well, computer calculation of temperature in the nodes of equipment, testing of calculations by field temperature measurements.
The described thermic model makes it possible to determine the minimum required fl w rate, the required heat resistance of the equipment, to predict the deposition of salts and paraffi to diagnose the thermal state of the equipment, and to perform factor analysis of sensitivity. This makes it possible to reduce the impact of complications, increase oil production and equipment life.
1. A thermic model of the well has been developed, which makes it possible to calculate the temperature and form a conclusion about the thermic state of the equipment units and the probability of deposition of salt and paraffin with satisfactory accuracy for field practice. 2. The model can be used in the selection of equipment, analysis and monitoring, in algorithms of switchboard.
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