Accident rate of downhole equipment and methods of its reduction

Amdakh M. Nasyrov M.S. Gutseriev Institute of Oil and Gas Udmurt State University Izhevsk
Georgiy G. Kuzmin JSC “Belkamneft” Izhevsk
Rinat G. Latyipov LLC “Meсhanic” Izhevsk
Ol'ga N. Bardanova M.S. Gutseriev Institute of Oil and Gas Udmurt State University Izhevsk
DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2019-10068

Despite the significant progress in questions of techonological monitoring of processes in oil production, accident rate of equipment in well operation remains high. In identical conditions of equipment operating level of its accidence in time of round trip and oper ating in oi l producing companies is different. It depends on the percent of equipment that was diagnosed, degree of excellence of well operations, quality of monitoring of equipment operating and preventive works. In all oil producing regions electrical submersible pump drop lead to significant expenditure in s ituations like accident elimination and oi l underdrawal because of well downtime. Expenditures for pulling emergency ESP exceed the cost of typical repair to 2–5 time s and more. In some c ases, electrical submersible pump drop lead to well abandonment. In th at case, accident prevention is the r elevant objective for field specialists. Prophylactic works in order to prevent accidents of downhole equipment performed on the basis of engineering analysis of accident causes and includes range of organizational, technical and economic activities. This work indicates the reasons of accidents and a number of recommentations for reduction of downhole equipment.

Materials and methods
Based on the analysis of field data, engineering calculations of the technological process and physical properties of equipment manufacturing materials.

accident, accident rate of downhole equipment, longitudinal and radial vibrations, fatigue failure of metal, directional and deflected wells, build curve, equipment diagnostics
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