Improving efficiency of gas lift wells in the conditions of the formation of organic wax deposits in the downhole equipment in the Dragon field

Nguyen Van Thang Saint Petersburg Mining University Saint Petersburg
Aleksandr N. Aleksandrov Saint Petersburg Mining University Saint Petersburg
Mikhail K. Rogachev Saint Petersburg Mining University Saint Petersburg

This paper presents the effect of changes in the composition of high-wax reservoir oil on the condition and nature of the wax formation based on a developed reservoir oil model through the Multiflash 6.1 software product. The optimal operating regime of a gas-lift well (flow rate and the injection pressure of produced petroleum gas) has been determined using an analysis of the reservoir-well hydrodynamics system. Taking into account changes in the oil component composition during gas injection, the depth of wax formation has been determined by applying a developed method.

Materials and methods
We used the results of laboratory studies of the physicochemical properties of the high-wax oil in the Dragon field in Vietnam, as well as the results from modeling the movement of the specified high-wax oil along the wellbore of a gas lift well through the Schlumberger PIPESIM software package.

high-wax oil, operation of gas lift wells, wax appearance temperature, dispersed oil system
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