Grounds to apply complex process of bottomhole hydro-jetting effect at the fields with heavy oil

Roschin P.V. SamaraNIPIneft LLC Samara
Nikitin A.V. SamaraNIPIneft LLC Samara
Smirnov E.A Samaraneftegas JSC Samara
Kozhin V.N. SamaraNIPIneft LLC Samara
Pchela K.V. SamaraNIPIneft LLC Samara
Kireev I.I. SamaraNIPIneft LLC Samara
Demin S.V. SamaraNIPIneft LLC Samara
Manasyan A.E. Samaraneftegas JSC Samara
Amirov A.A. Samaraneftegas JSC Samara
Vorobyov S.V. MIPO CHOU DPO Samara
DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2020-10100

The paper provides the information on the grounds and tests the process of acid composition hydro-jetting effect with pre-injection of solvent at heavy oil fields with the purpose to stimulate production. The paper also contains the results of complex hydro-jetting (CHJ) BH treatment process at 5 producing wells of Samaraneftegas JSC with heavy oil. As of the day of this publication the incremental oil production exceeded 2 000 tons as a result of these operations. The authors provide the infographics on increasing the number of wells with heavy oil at the objects of Samaraneftegas JSC in Samara Region. For objects that contain heavy oil at the objects of Samaraneftegas JSC it was found that pre-injection of a pre-selected hydrocarbon reagent/solvent will significantly increase the effect of BH acid treatment at the oil fields.

Materials and methods
Justification and selection of chemical reagents based on the conditions of use in carbonate reservoirs with heavy oils, the use of hydrojet nozzle on tubing, complex physicochemical treatment of the bottomhole formation zone, analysis of well performance data.

complex hydro-jetting treatment, production stimulation, heavy oil, acid treatment, bottomhole zone, hard-to-recover reserves, well complication control
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