The reasonability of a smooth start of injection wells

Izotov A.A. “Tyumen Petroleum Research Center” LLC Tyumen
Sokolov S.V. “Tyumen petroleum research center” LLC Tyumen
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2021-1-40-44

The efficiency of oil field development is largely determined by the current levels of oil production. In the field, the desire for intensification often leads to long-term development of injection wells and, as a result, to a decrease in reservoir pressure. Attempts to restore it due to forced injection of water into the reservoir lead to the development of man-made fracturing, which contributes to the breakthrough of water to the producing wells. To reduce the negative impact of the process of spontaneous formation of hydraulic fracturing cracks, it is proposed to smoothly start the injection wells by gradually increasing the bottom-hole pressure to the design value. The effect was justified using a hydrodynamic model.

Material and methods
Technological calculations of development options, reduction of the risk of formation of cracks in hydraulic fracturing with the use of a hydrodynamic model based on geological and field analysis and geomechanical dependencies.

injection well, growth of fractures, auto fractures, reservoir pressure, rock fracking pressure, well flooding
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