Negative factors affecting the integrity of production strings and methods for preventing leakage

Nasyrov A.M. Institute of oil and gas named after M.S. Gutseriev Izhevsk
Epifanov Yu.G. Institute of oil and gas named after M.S. Gutseriev Izhevsk
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2021-2-33-36

The main element of the well design, which determines the life of the wells, is the production strings (PS). Premature failure of the production strings requires significant expenses for its restoration, and the unprofitability of its restoration by repair methods leads to unjustified expenses for abandoning the well and drilling a duplicate well. The article briefly describes the impact of negative factors on the integrity of the PSs of the wells and outlines the possibilities to reduce their impact. Specific recommendations are offered.

Materials and methods
Actual data of well survey by geophysical, hydrodynamic methods, analytical methods of generalization of field data, engineering calculations of technological processes.

production strings of a well, hermos-baric action, steam injection wells, corrosion effects, downhole protective composition, repair and insulation works, pressure testing
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