Optimization of the search for zones of residual reserves with considering the non-newtonian properties of oil in the process of hydrodynamic modeling

Vylomov D.D. ddvylomov@udmurtneft.ru “Izhevsk Petroleum Research Center” CJSC Izhevsk
Shtin N.A. “Izhevsk Petroleum Research Center” CJSC Izhevsk
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2021-2-57-60

The paper is devoted to the accounting of nonlinear filtration in hydrodynamic modeling of the oil displacement process. The authors analyzed and identified the main factors that are the reasons for the deviation from the linear filtration law. The work considered a method of mathematical modeling of non-newtonian oil properties. In the process of filtration modeling, an algorithm for converting the geological-physical characteristics (GPC) of oil fields into coefficients used by a hydrodynamic simulator to take into account nonlinear filtration was created and tested. Thus, a hydrodynamic model (HDM) of an oil field has been built, capable of taking into account the deviation from the linear Darcy's law and quantify the impact of non-newtonian oil properties on the development process.

Materials and methods
To calculate the limit dynamic shear stress (LDSS) of degassed (1) and gas-saturated oil (2), a technique was used based on studies of the properties of oils from the Volga-Ural province [1].

hydrodynamic modeling, nonlinear filtering, deviation from linear Darcy's low, non-newtonian properties of oil, gradient of the dynamic structure destruction, gradient of the limit structure destruction, nine point development system of oil, residuals reserves, geological and physical characteristics
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