The experience of oil recovery using nonionic surfactants

Kozhin V.N. SamaraNIPIneft LLC Samara
Gorodnov V.P. Samaraoil LLC Samara
Kalinin E.S. SamaraNIPIneft LLC Samara
Ryskin A.Y. Samaraoil LLC Samara
Chernov E.N. SamaraNIPIneft LLC Samara
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2021-4-46-52

Nonionic surfactants provide benefits of possibility of large-scale production for oil industry demands. However, the laboratory and field tests
show their inferiority to anionic surfactants due to propensity for salting out when the reservoir temperature is higher than the cloud point of
the repressuring solution containing the nonionic surfactant. This paper describes the results of a field test of water solutions of alkylphenol
ethoxylates from different manufacturers, both with and without polyacrylamide, compared to the previous field tests of these reagents.
The innovative technologies for use of nonionic surfactants are based on their thermal salting out from the water solution and on the polyacrylamide
complex formation possessing high selectivity when moving in the reservoir, i.e. poor filtration into the watered and good filtration into the oilsaturated

Materials and methods
Materials: data on the field test of nonionic surfactants as a reagent
for improving reservoir oil recovery in Western Siberia and Urals-Volga
Methods: analysis of the results obtained when testing variety of technologies based on using aqueous nonionic surfactant solutions in
the oil fields of Western Siberia and Urals-Volga regions.

nonionic surfactant, improving reservoir recovery, field tests
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