Experience of drilling multilateral wells in carbonate deposits of the Osinsky horizon

Sokolyanskaya E.V. evsokolyanskaya@tnnc.rosneft.ru “Tyumen petroleum research center” LLC Tyumen
Fedorova A.A.
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2023-2-38-42

The article presents the results of determining a more effective well construction for the area improved reservoir properties of zones in the ring structures of carbonate reservoir. This reservoir is characterized by low permeability and high compartmentalization. The stratum is actually developed by directional and horizontal wells. Based on the analysis of well efficiency the productivity of horizontal wells is higher the productivity of directional wells. In order to assess the development prospects, a full-scale reservoir simulation model (dynamic flow model) was created for prediction simulations. Based on the results of reservoir model simulation, it was found that the best method for drilling is the MLT.
The recommended design was implemented in the Osinsky horizon. The positive effect of drilling have been scaled to the Osinsky horizon.

Materials and methods
An analysis of the conducted seismic surveys was carried out,
the approach to identifying the ring structures of the patch reef zone was determined. Potentially productive zones for drilling in the area of ring structures have been identified. An assessment of various well design options was carried out using a reservoir simulation model (dynamic flow model).

multilateral well, low permeability, carbonate reservoir, oil and gas field
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